Animal Action Network is a nonprofit Colorado group working for compassion.

Find us at http://www.animalactionnetwork.org

Animal Action Network has no paid positions and is a nonprofit, all volunteer, nonsectarian, Colorado-based organization that
supports and promotes the humane and ethical treatment of animals by human beings. AAN works to educate the public on suffering of animals, environmental damage, and human health impact that is related to the use of animals by humans.
We promote a Vegan community
by planning, coordinating and running peaceful and respectful Actions, Campaigns, and Events in the effort to educate the public
on the treatment of  animals used for entertainment, vanity, food, and the environment.
We manage, coordinate, run, and fundraise for:
Vegan Life Colorado • Vegan Life Colorado Facebook Page • Vegan Life Colorado Meetup • VegFest Colorado
• VegFest Colorado Facebook Page • Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner • “No animals in the circus” Billboard campaign
• “No animals in the circus” RTD Bus Ad Campaigns
We demonstrate, educate, and leaflet:
Circus, Rodeo, and other Animal entertainment activities • “No Fun for Elephants”  Larkspur Renaissance Festival
• Fur demonstration every Saturday for over 13 years educating the public that Animals are not Fabric
• Leafleting in/on malls/streets/College campuses • Table numerous festivals handing out Vegan/AR information • “Walk for Farm Animals

​VegFest Colorado and Vegan Life Colorado are projects of and supported by Animal Action Network.

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